The requirements for passing DOT exam under the new standards are:

  • 20/40 corrected vision in each eye and both combined. (Bring your glasses or contacts)
  • Able to distinguish colors found on traffic signals
  • Blood pressure 140/90 and under. Prescriptions medication is allowed. 
  • For patients with Diabetes. Bring in your blood sugar log book. (No Insulin)
  • No Narcotics or street drugs
  • Bring your exemptions for clients with vision, diabetes and other medical paper to help your DOT exam. 
  • OTR Truckers
  • Fleet Drivers
  • Meets CDL Requirements
  • Any License requiring DOT Exam

Our Policy

  • If you schedule DOT exam and family to cancel appointment within 24 hours. You will be charged for full amount. 
  • If you fail your exam or require additional testing such as audiometry for hearing, Pulmonary Function Test, Stress test. A follow up appointment will be required to re-evalaute for certification.

DOT Exam will include

  • Past or recent illness
  • Review of current medications, controlled substances and over the counter medications.
  • Physical exam
  • Blood pressure, pulse
  • Vision test
  • Hearing test
  • Urinalysis